Advancement in Education System

My philosophy about education system and its implementation are very strict and clear. I believe that education is the most important part of every human life regardless of age and this is the greatest responsibility of education system and its implementing agencies/institutes and its policies makers to provide adequate system for the students as well as education providers.

As the time changing advancement in technologies increasing day by day but the question arise here is how much we are using current technologies for betterment for our education system? I observe various things in our education system which are still running in very old fashioned ways.

In our system examination is the most important part of evaluation of every student which determines the scale of the student or even future and at this point one's life can be upgrade or degrade depending upon the student's hard work and mind capability. But the how much efficient and transparent our system is? Is it able to implement this crucial part of student's life without any interference?

To clearly the difference I would like to explain our current examination procedure in education system that is followed by government Universities/Institutions:

Present System: In our present system student have to write examination for particular question paper on answer sheet as per the given Instructions of the institutions and answer sheets were examined by the concerning subject teacher as per intuitions guidelines and marks were awarded according to the students' performance In the answer sheets. And without the students' knowledge about their answers and mistakes in the exams as well as answer sheet evaluator mistakes during the checking or awarding the marks, student's final result prepared and after the final result declaration if student do not satisfy with the marks awarded in the answer sheets then he/she need to file RTI application against the institution system to see his/her answer sheets with much more than 1000 rupees per subject. Which is very complicated procedure for the students and they afraid to do so because of they can be targeted in next examinations by the concerning faculty.

Present System disadvantages: Here I am listing some drawback and loophole in our present system.

1. We are still relay on our outdated system which is not suitable to everyone accordance with current advancement in technologies and new generations.

2. Students are unable to identify their mistakes without watching their answer sheet after answer sheet evaluation by elevators.

3. Not transparent.

4. Students have to pay extra fee to see his own answer sheets.

5. There is no mechanism to identify that answer sheet examined were correct and students have to blindly dependent intuitions procedure. And this is not the true evaluation of students.

6. There are much chances to play with student's life on the basis of marks in all aspects and this may be the reason we more often sea teacher-student harassment cases.

Advancement in Present System:

There two possible solutions can be made to remove above disadvantages.

'First one is to make rules for all universities/institutions to show the answer sheet to the students after just the marks are awarded In the answer sheet and prior to declaration of final result of the student In the similar fashion as exams conducted (just for 15 minutes). In this process student are able to see where they made mistakes and also this will help to cross check that answer sheets. Were properly checked and there is no mistake made by evaluator. This procedure is currently used by Lovely Professional University, where every student is happy with this system and no doubt remains in the students mind.

However, above first option will burden the intuitions man power. And I am sure no one university will be happy with this option. To resolve this problem, there is other ore technological solution available that will need less man power but it will make the Indian education system robust in the world.

The second Procedure it to make a bending machine that will scan all the answer sheets automatically after the marks awarded by the evaluator. And this machine will upload this scan ropy to centralized server of particular university and also available to the students to see the evaluated answer sheet with students account on the server without any charge and there are plenty of other possibilities to use this system in various ways to make Indian education system Transparent, authentic and the best in the world.

If MHRD is ready implement this change I would be happy to assist more about this system and possible advancements and its implementation which are floating in my brain.

I am not aware of that any country is currently using this system or not. If not, I want my country to be the first to make such revolutionary change in the education system and this could be the best part of Digital India campaign.

An Idea to make my country best in the World