“Theory of Ancient Internet”

Present, Past and Future of Internet

The term internet is well known to everybody in the today’s world. There would be hardly a few populations who won’t have access to the internet. The basic ideology of internet is to connect each other via a link to share information from one host to other and vice versa and the connection of such information sharing hosts at large number becomes the internet. Firstly it was done with the wired communication channel and later as technology developed, wireless communication channel become the best fit for the internet. Using internet to assess the information, we have particular link to get the information shared on that particular link, such links are called URL or web link or websites.

Internet was firstly originated in 1960s, and human are living on the earth form thousands of centuries. Don’t you think before the internet was invented in device form, humans won’t have access to information sharing technologies in another forms of human mind capabilities.

The answer is yes, humans were having internet like technology to sharing information from one host to another. In today’s internet technology host is device but in ancient technology host was human brain itself. In today’s internet technology the communication is done by electromagnet wave but in ancient technology it was done by the use of brain waves. The best example of ancient internet is The “TANTRA – MANTRA” in Indian philosophy. If we relate todays internet technology to ancient internet (the Tantra –Mantra philosophy) than Tantra (It is a Sanskrit word, its mean net) can be termed as Internet and Mantra (It is wording to call certain powers in Hindi and Sanskrit) would be act like a Link or URL to access the particular information. In ancient time Tantra-Mantra was used to call upon certain powers. Basically Tantra-Mantra was used to access good as well as bad powers, to access good or holly powers the Mantras written in the holly books and to access the bad (black powers ), they different mantra to access.

We can’t deny their existence at present time also; these are still working in different-different ways in different regions of the world. This Tantra-Mantra philosophy only works for whom; who having activated brain waves. In this technology brain waves acts like communication channel to access the powers from the other information source and the time taken to get the desired power or information is depends upon the intensity of your desire, and we can relate this term to the communication channel bandwidth terminology. For this reason everyone was not able to use this technology; who having activated brain waves were able to do that; to do this, these peoples were doing certain practices in their own ways ( In this case multiple factors could be involved).

It seems like what human did, they made it more versatile by implementing this technology in device form; where every person can have access to information without any burden at brain use. As times rounds human are getting evolved at more large number and they are having access of this technology at more efficient ways. If every human on this planet got evolved than there is no need of internet kind of technology in device form every human brain would works as host of information and every one can have access or share information to one another with the brain wave. In ancient time who was the more powerful source of information made their own wordings to call them for particular information access; which we called Mantras. In future you can have more number of ways to access the information form one host to another host like picture, names, feelings, love act etc.

There may be many peoples on this earth who are using these techniques in more efficient ways, if you are one of them, kindly share your experience with me through my email as@vijoriya.com.