AICTE Training and Learning Brainstorming Conclave Speech

Good Afternoon everyone and Thank you AICTE for inviting me for this brainstorming conclave.

I really appreciate AICTE to initiate such faculty development program but I do believe that faculty is not only the person which teach or deliver only textbook knowledge but many other qualities which are as important as textbook knowledge. Therefore, I would request to AICTE to include a mandatory session to their FDP’s which can train our faculty’s integrity, interpersonal skills and sense of well-being. Our educators deserve a national level campaign which can touch their soul to make them more versatile in terms of their achievements, broad mindfulness and the culture of innovation.

Secondly, I seek attention of all educators towards our present examination evaluation process of students. Do you all think this present process is transparent way of evaluation? Absolutely not, I am here speaking at India’s most prominent technical education accreditation body to address the use of technological advancements in students evaluation process. Through such advancements each and every student can be accessed through the centralize system even what he/she written in their examination sheets and how much marks have been awarded to them. There are numbers of possibilities to use such systems in more prominent ways to make our Indian education system more transparent and robust in the world. I have already written about this to the Education Ministry and I request you all to recommend such advancements.

Other thing I would like to suggest to AICTE and UGC both to make green power generation mandatory at least ¼ th of their total power consumption to all educational institutions. And this would be a great initiative of our Indian education system towards the environment and I do believe that this is possible if our governing body take it seriously.

Thank You again for such opportunity.

Date: 15 Dec 2020