International Model United Nation speech on Woman Rights & Gender Equality

Hello everyone

Today in this conference we are taking about the woman rights and gender equality.

So, what do you all think about the need of such discussions on women even women is the most precious and desired creature on this planet but still women facing so many difficulties may be due to poverty, trafficking, men domination , slavery, lack of education or lack of proper nurturing environment.

If I talk about Kenya; these are the most common causes of woman difficulties but this is not the situation of Kenya but almost all around the world.

In women’s situation the man plays the vital role in creating their difficulties as well as well-being. Because women which are facing problems mostly depends on men either for finance, education and emotional well-being.

We can’t remove all the problems of women by working on woman alone but as a complete pair of human being because both are depends on each other.

In my view all the problems could be resolve by feeding them a good energy by making favorable nurturing environment because everything is possible if we can divert our focus or whole energy to specific task.

Until or unless women or men are not aware about their rights than how they can or we can think women or men will get equal rights.

Therefore the first and foremost thing what we can do is to feed women’s thought for their equal rights.

Thank you

Date: 02-01-2121