Written Based on Self Learning and Observations

"Spirituality doesn't mean to become a Zombee , there is much difference b/w being spiritual person and created spiritual zombee, spirituality opens the way to know your own self and inner hidden powers rather than being spiritual zombee who only follows programmed embedded chip in their mind."

"Mann is the voice of our soul,,,,soul thinks freely, it does not know what is impossible or what is unauthentic according to social being,,,, pure mann is the measure of pure soul,,,, but we usually govern it by our logical unit brain; that according to circumstance decides what is best for its existence in any human body."

A True Love Makes You and Fake Love Only Shakes You. Level of Making and Shaking is proportional to level of affection and falseness.

"Spiritual connection between two or more persons quit common these day, this can be better understand by the love birds and psychic peoples, beyond this its a human capacity of their mind; matches their heart frequency with the other person no matter of gender. when the frequency is matched, you are able to send signals to the others beyond the distance, this can be received by the other person by sensation in the body, hiccup, telepathy communication etc. This purely tuning of frequency like electronics radio frequency band matching and resistant matching for maximum power transfer. Some people might relate this to your soulmate or some others depend on circumstance that seems quit irrelevant."

"Good and kind heart peoples are taken care by the God and spiritual world , no matter what wicked thought Peoples do with them, that will automatically change for their goodness."

" When You Start Follow Yourself, People Will Start Follow You. "

"This generation is so desperate to follow others views and thoughts such that they forget own self and become the slaves of others thoughts."

"Newton's third low of motion Application in real life: If anyone think or do anything wrong for others there is an equal reaction for ownself but we do not understand it bcoz we are too busy to solve own created problems and at last we tuned with it and become Tansed, Frustrated, Serious that's called real life for us.

Yes it is really Serious! "

"In any relationship the amount of ambiguity is directly proportional to the number of other persons interference or involvement in between."

"Do not love anyone for a reason. Who knows the reason you love someone might not be there after some time."

"If Your thinking is positive than never doubt yourself ....whatever you want will be in your favor.?? "

"Till now researcher only made security system or antivirus for computerized systems but now it is become necessary to make such security system to secure information stored in human brain because our brain information is not secure, any one (person with special powers) can steal your information like what you are thinking or whatever is stored in your brain without your knowledge ."

"The God or nature fulfill our all wishes doesn't matter what it is.... wishes those fulfill at time we called them actually our wish .... those wishes takes time or your at path to fulfill them and you forget you had that wish at once in your called them problems when they comes to you."

"I think i need to develop a machine that can write my thoughts ....because i'm too lazy to write Hawking's wheel Chair. "

"Only a single thought or decision of doing things decides your present, is going to be a past which you want to forget or a happy memory which u never want to forget. Choices are always in our hands."

"Anything we want, if we get it than we feel happy and if don't we feel sad as usually happens. But now days i can see new ways to be happy, ,,,, if you don't get it,,,, find problem or mistake in it than you never wanted it anymore,,,, again you will feel double happy. somewhat similar to old story of fox "Angoor khatte hai". So here is the basic concept of being happy of many peoples now days to satisfy their ego no matter what. "

"After school and college Once again try to apply the Relativity Theory of Einstein in human values.

No One Person is good or bad in this world, the only thing is that whom thinking match to each other, they will become good in their own little world and relative to them rest of the persons are bad and it doesn't matter how extent their thinking is correct/wrong for the society."

Because every thing is relative in this world. "

"In a group of people only you scolded for reason for task failure without assigning leading power to anyone than you might feel bad for that. Instead of feeling bad, feel good and encourage yourself. Because you have chosen leader of that group."