A Tree and Son of Singh

“Eye opening story of a tree in the jungle.”

Once up on a time there was a date tree in the jungle. It did so many struggles to grow itself, it was so many times eaten by various categories of animals in the jungle but somehow it learns to survive and grow itself again and again. With time it grown taller, at least now animals cannot remove its existence. Meanwhile it was grown fully and ready for producing flowers and fruits.

When the season came it decorated itself with flowers to produce fruits. Now the tree was so happy because it was so tall therefore no one can eat its fruits without its will. With time fruits getting ripe therefore animals of the jungle started to think about its fruits and let the tree decides whom it offer its fruits.

Coincidently, there was a son of a Singh who was crossing the jungle to learn the new things. After seeing the son of Singh, every animal of the jungle started talking about him, why he came here and what is his purpose, we haven’t seen him before here. One day he was passing near by the date tree and every animal of the jungle was afraid and staring at him because he was looking some different there, at his every step the fragrance of charm, happiness, character, freedom can be seen. He was so happy because he was exploring the new jungle. The date tree that is very proud at itself looked at him and impressed with his presence.

Therefore, the date tree decided to offer its fruits to the Son of Singh. However, the son of Singh do not have any desire to eat any fruit neither he was not aware about the tree having new fruits to offer him i.e he was not having any kind of knowledge about the tree. The date tree saw a wolf is going nearby him however he is also jealous of him but the tree assumed the wolf as his friend. Therefore, the tree sent the wolf as a messenger to son of Singh to deliver the message that tree want to offer its fruits to you. In return he replied that’s good to know I do not have any kind of issue even my family do not have any issue either they liked it.

With this decision of tree other animals of the jungle were not happy and this news was spread like fire in the jungle. Therefore other animals were pretending that they are with the tree decision but in real they were against it. Therefore, other animals started to plan various games to prove son of Singh not suitable person. At every level his tracking was started to find every shortcoming in him but he known to every loopholes they were creating. With planning of other animals, tried to prove that even wolf is better than son of Singh why not you offer fruits to wolf because other animals thinking that wolf can share fruits with us because wolf was bipolar and that was not possible with the son of Singh. Later, tree understood son of singh can’t be compare with wolf.

There were some holes in the roots of the tree where some snakes were living and also known by the son of singh and he usually meet to the snakes whenever he roams in the jungle. The tree was thinking that these snakes are protecting it. The tree saw that the snakes knows the son of singh that is very good to know and became happy, also started excepting that snakes will make easy thier task of fruits offering to the son of singh. In that hope, tree, let snakes climb to itself to pluck the fruits to son of Singh. But the son of singh was not having any knowledge about it what’s going on. Tree was thinking that snakes were providing every information to son of singh but in real there was no such thing.

Meanwhile, other animals of the jungle planning different – different techniques to prove son of singh wrong at every level and block his ways to get it. The goat families who were providing food to the son of singh also got tempered and poisoned his food to make his character loose. This was very hard for him to identify the issue at this point he controlled himself anyhow but they were got success to create misunderstanding anyhow. The tree was also misinformed about son of singh and about his family, therefore tree started to afraid to contact directly. Here some dumbness shown by the tree, it don’t know why to afraid, Singhs do not eat trees but it was fickle by the other animals.

The son of singh was very confusing situation how to make understood the tree that the animals you were sending to me to deliver message are not my well-wisher at any points even my friends. So, Son of singh decided to give time to tree let it understand by itself the situation. So he left the jungle for a while. The tree thought he don’t want to accept my fruits that’s why tree felt hurtful but in real, their way was crossed by the snakes and other animals.

The snakes still on the tree because they were acting like well-wisher of the son of singh and time to time influencing the tree to cross the way both ways. The snakes were acting like mediator between the tree and son of singh but there were no communication in any matter. The son of the singh tried to tell truth to the tree but tree shown some dumbness and not contacted to son of singh directly. In this situation son of singh can’t do anything.

Meanwhile, other animals stated to plan to steal the fruits of the tree and decided to send a langoor to climb the tree. Because other animals knows that snakes were not working for son of the singh therefore they took the benefit of the situation and steeled the some fruits by the help of langoor. By knowing this that tree fruits were steeled by a langoor, tree was very disappointed and cried hard , very hard but can’t show them to anyone.

At this point tree thinking that its fruits were stolen because of the son of the singh besides tree was ready to give everything he wanted but in real he was waiting for their offer and let them talk to him. What he can do only tried to tell the tree by any way but there was no sense of that because tree was very firmly rounded by the snakes so that tree can’t listen to him and was acting according to their influences.

The son of singh not getting any proper way to resolve this unwanted conflict during his journey of the jungle.

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