The Number and Its o~logy

"A Real Life Story "

This world is full of mysterious things; we live on this planet called earth from more than thousands of centuries and this is the tiny part of whole universe. There are various mysterious things in this universe that we are trying to explore every day and few of them are now associated with our belief and culture. In this story which is based on the reality of certain peoples; I will point out one of the mysterious thing called “numerology”.

Let first talked about the numerology; I think most of the people know about it. It’s a part of astrophysics science; Science is still working to solve various numerology mystery. I hope everyone heard about lucky numbers that mostly associated with their date of birth or any other life event. After finding these lucky numbers; we associate them with our daily life and belief and trying to find these lucking number in our everyday life events.

My motive of this post is to make you aware how numerology could make fool in today’s world of technology and intelligence and give you worst life experience. I will share a reality based story that will feed your insight how numerology could give you a worst life experience.

The first story is about a newly admitted handsome young post graduate student and the mysterious lady university professor. This is very interesting story which will show you how highly educated professor studied form IITs (Indian Institute of Technology) puts a student life into trouble based on numbers and its ology.

Let me first elaborate the student based on the numbers that he was holding. He was the newly engineering graduate from private Indian university with good CGPA and also cleared the GATE exam somehow with 279 score but he was willing to go for higher studies so he decided to go for Master of Technology without investing time for preparation to get higher ranking Institute, therefore he took admission in the state technical university on the recommendation of his father. However, this was his first government institute so he was not much aware of government institutions environment so he fearlessly decided to explore some new things. Now, he was the regular student of the state university following the others students because such universities are not well instructed so that a new student could follow by themselves, one has to be dependent on seniors or do what others doing and everything was new to him; students, teachers and environment. As per the university procedure; a mentor has to be decided from the department’s professor to sign their teaching assistant-ship forms, so he was assigned one male university professor as his mentor and he has to sign his every month forms and hence, all most two semester were finished and after few day’s vacations of third semester were started and now every student has to choose their guide for their master’s research work from the department professors.

Now here you get to know the second main character of this story a lady professor from the department, a mysterious character to him, he knows her only as a professor in the department; as she taught him in last two semesters. In this new semester every student was eager to select their choice guide and it was time for him to select his guide, at this point he decided to not to switch to new person, so he decided to make the mentor assigned to him previously as a guide for further research work to avoid any other new troubles and also his mentor was the master studies specialization representative (i.e. he has to tackle all maters studies responsibilities in the specialization). But he doesn’t know the internal matter was something else. One day in a group of friend; one of his classmate said your guide would be that mysterious lady professor but he said to his classmate; I already told to my mentor that I will choose you as my research guide also. Now, he again went to meet his mentor to discuss but this time matter and behavior was different; his mentor said you can choose somebody else.

At this point he said ok Sir and goes back to his PG and started to think about what is the matter than he thought about the classmate told him about mysterious lady professor; for him there was no problem with that mysterious lady professor even she taught well in last two semesters; so he decided let’s talk to her next day. Now the mystery was different; this next day most of the students were standing there in front of her room number 207 to select her as their research guide; every student one by one was going to meet her to show their proposed research work with some research article in the laptops. After 2-3 students he decided to meet her; so he took his classmate laptop and transferred the articles to show and went to meet her in front of room number 207 with his classmate laptop. To seek permission to inter he said “May I come in Mam” at the entry gate; after getting her attention she show him and with smiley face she turned her neck to no, it was clear sign she don’t want to meet him; so he also faked a smile at that time at the entry gate without entering in the room and said ok mam and it was very interesting scene other classmate were seeing it; so he came back from the gate and as auto response of the autonomic nervous system; he shut his classmate's laptop in very terrifying manner but his classmate didn’t said anything to him because everyone was watching this scene.

Now, it was quite complex matter for him and he can’t decide who to choose as guide; as till date almost all vacancy under professors were occupied and finally the last date to submit the research guide selection form came and again he has to face that mysterious lady professor as later she also assigned as master studies specialization representative and my mentor given the responsibilities of Ph.D. So he submitted the form with proposed research topics without filling the guide names to that mysterious lady professor and said to her let the department decides who will be the research guide. Ultimately, as she was representative now; she was having responsibility to assign my research guide.

After few days, a new character came in to the action; this character was unknown to him; later come to know this was the one of the senior professor of the department but for two years he was the Director of National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology (NIELIT) and revert to university. Now, that mysterious lady professor assigned this senior professor as his research guide and instructed to meet. The first meeting with this newly assigned research guide was just short introduction and prima fascia. Next, day he mate to his research guide for topic selection; as per his recommendation his research decided his research topic which based on biomedical Instrumentation; that was “Heart Rate Variability” and instructed him to read about it. After, reading few research articles he was assigned to implement hardware; so next day he was with multiple stages amplification ECG filters circuits drawn by his guide in his notebook and he has to get ECG signal from this circuit into the computer. It was seems very simple circuit so before to make real hardware; he decided to simulate this circuit virtually on Multisim and he made it but the desired out was not there; he show this virtual simulated circuit to his guide but guide said to make its real hardware on PCB without troubleshooting it virtually.

Almost one quarter of the third semester was passed and it was time of result declaration of second semester; it was again a shocking scene for him; he was failed in the subject which was taught by that mysterious lady professor in the second semester. That day it was the time of winters but the inner body temperature was so high that he can’t feel the outer cool temperature. He understood everything it was not the time to handle it alone so he discuss about the result at home with his father and also it was the critical point to decide to continue the masters or drop it here itself. But he has already invested one and half year in master so that would be not the good decision, so the final decision was to continue it what so ever. But later after submitting the reveal form he awarded with 27 marks in that subject; however, the passing marks were 33 but it could be treated as pass with grace points.

Times was flying, he was trying think how to make this complex circuit as per guide requirements; so he ordered every component of the circuit online because they were not available in the lab and the very crucial point was to designing of PCB layout. He got to know that university lab has CNC machine for PCB layout design so he discussed with person (one of the guest faculty there in the department) who knows how to operate this CNC Machine and as per guest faculty instructions he designed the virtual layout of the circuit for the CNC machine but later on guest faculty said CNC machine software is not working. Wonderful; that was not the big issue so he contacted to the CNC manufacturing company to provide this machine software and company representatives replied quickly and shared the software link of the software of the CNC machine and he again contacted that guest faculty than he got to know that CNC machine was not working.

In this process almost half of the third semester was over and it was time to showcase the progress report of the work done till now with a report file and presentation. The presentation date and time was fixed and every student has to present their work in the presentation room in front of department professors. Therefore, he prepared a report of the work; he has done till now and made a presentation of the work and his presentation number was third. So finally after two presentations his number came and he was presenting the work but his guide interrupted in the middle and scold him and said I do not said to do this and that; however he was presenting the actual work he was doing. It was again the shocking moments for him because everything was known to his guide about the work he was doing and also discussed already.

Some student appreciated the presentation later and said it disgusting done by your guide. So he started to think deeply and decided to meet the department masters representative ultimately that mysterious lady professor. So after a few days he went to meet that lady professor and told about that presentation however she was also there during the presentation. After listening my words she suggested me to change the guide; without taking too much time he said ok mam, you become my guide but she replied “as M.Tech representative muje na khte huye achha nhi legega” and I will discuss about it with other who could be your guide. Next after some analysis he decided to not to change the guide and also told to that mysterious lady professor. Therefore he meets to his guide and said sorry for misunderstanding and stared to continue his work.

He told to his guide about the issue of CNC machine for PCB designing and his guide suggested to make these PCB from external professional designer so he order and after few printed PCBs were in his hand and now he has to fix all components on the PCBs according to the circuit and test it. He was trying hard to make this as soon as possible since too much time was passed; therefore he made this circuit in the lab and show to his guide; now this was the time of testing the circuit, with the proper connection showed this circuit to his guide and the signal on the CRO; his guide checked the signals and said ok it was working perfectly, now take these signals in to the PC in digital form. Basically this was the process of converting the analog signal into digital form. As per his guide direction he purchased Arduino board for digital conversion and interfaces with Matlab and stared to receive the analog signal into the PC but the signal was not ECG signal. However this was the signal shown on the CRO but in actual that was just noise. Whatever signal received from this circuit shown to his guide but his guide refused to accept it and said if you can’t make it leave the M.Tech. After listening this he tried again and made this circuit once again but it was just noise received.

At last he gave up with this circuit and almost two years were passed till then. So he made one internet searched circuit by his own at his PG and simulated virtually; it working perfectly virtually therefore decided to make it in real hardware, the process was same designing pcb, ordering components, shouldering, interfacing, signal acquisition in real time with Labview. So finally this circuit gave the ECG signal and showed to his guide and his guide said yes it is ok and take the 10 minute recording of at least 30 students twice. So this was the time of this circuit to work in real work. Next day he has to establish this setup in the Lab to take recordings but he later he got to know this circuit is not producing ECG signal in the Lab “what the hell is that” again he has to face disappointment. That setup was working perfectly at his PG but it was impossible to take recording at PG so he has made it work in university lab. So he started to check, where the problem is? Finally issue was identified but unable to resolve even with his guide help.

Now the third year was begin of his masters and one junior girl was also assigned with the same previous complex circuit and instructed to take help of me to implement it. There was no issue with it; if she could make it work therefore I provided her my previously ordered components and all the process of making that circuit as soon as possible; finally the circuit was ready but not providing the ECG single. After one try guide gave her different circuit; she made that also but unable to get ECG recordings.

So this was the mid of the third years and he decide to go home for a break while he was traveling in the train; he was thinking about the problem and suddenly got idea to resolve all the problem in very cost effective way. So he searched about it on the internet and ordered components and rest was already implanted by him. After break he came back and started to work on ordered heart monitor amplifier and perfectly able to receive ECG signal and send the signal pictures and recording of the setup to his guide. The guide was satisfied with it and instructed to take recording of 30 students. But something was happening under the water so seems not right to continue it any further and decided to give time to let hidden came out from the water. So he discussed with his family and decided to go home and if it seems right let it complete it later by his own.

The three years were passed and the junior girl got privileged of being girl and offered to use ECG machine available in the university lab therefore she completed her masters within the time duration and without investing time in implementing circuit further. After this his guide left the university department and joined the as principle of the college in the different city. After waiting for one year only ravish comes and shit comes out from under the water therefore he decided to let complete the formalities to complete the master’s degree.

At this moment he wrote an email to PG representative i.e. the mysterious lady professor resume his masters after third years and it was starting of fourth year of his masters. To complete the master’s formalities he has to publish at least two research papers and have to write masters research thesis. It was the starting of the work where he left previously; at this moment he was having fully functioned ECG setup but there was no unique idea to produce research. One of his research paper previously written was not published therefore to publish it he wrote email to his guide for feedback and improvement in it but he didn't get any reply; anyhow it was published in UGC approved International journal.

To produce his second research article he needed some unique research idea because there was no external help so he studied some previous research papers to get some idea; this would be the main objective of the master’s research work. After brainstorming on some internet research articles; finally he got an idea to give direction for this master’s research thesis. Therefore it was the time of proving this idea with evidence and mathematical formulas and previous research articles reference. However it took about 2-3 months to proving and producing analytical results to prove the research work but was done fairly. Based on this research work and results he wrote his second research paper and wrote email to his guide for feedback and improvement in that research paper but didn’t get any reply.

Very fine, after all he has to deal alone with it. So it was the time to publish this second research paper therefore he sent this paper to IEEE international journal but they didn’t accepted it because it was written poorly but the editor appreciated the work done and methodology used in the paper. After first rejection he sent this paper to another International Journal and got published without any problem.

After publishing two research papers he has to complete the thesis work for pre-submission in the university department. Somehow he completed the thesis work and arranged it according to university guidelines and sent it to the guide and that mysterious lady professor for review via email and to fix the pre submission date. But he didn’t heard anything form his guide but one night he received an email from that mysterious lady professor with Plagiarism report of the thesis and an instruction it should be under 30%. That was fine, to correct it all he took one more month and sent it back for check and it was now 9%. Finally it was ready for Pre-submission. Still he didn’t get any message form his guide and the date of pre submission is decided by the university department according to his guide schedule to come to the university for one day his pre-submission. He completed his presentation ppt on the work research work for pre submission and wrote an email to his guide with ppt attachment and finally his guide responded to him and instructed give fearless presentation.

This was the time when He was meeting them again almost after 7-8 months and this was the day of his pre presentation, he prepared everything for presentation and that mysterious lady having the responsibility of scheduling and informing other to attend the presentation, she did her task and everyone was sitting in the panel and he started the presentation. Somehow, he presented his work in front of panel but this was the work done by him alone without his guide help therefore he received many suggestions form the panel i.e. you should do this and do that, pretty fine that was good him and presentation was finished in about 45 minutes and that mysterious lady professor said to take more suggestions from his previous mentor.

The pre presentation was over and it was the time to wait for the date of final presentation and viva voice with external examiner. Meanwhile wonderful shit happened when he was waiting for the date of external viva voice; it took about 4-5 months and instantly received a letter of late submission fee of INR 11,000 rupees from the university that was unexpected. To clarify the matter of this letter he wrote an email to department HOD and in reply HOD instructed to meet university assistant registrar in the room number 207 of the university building. So he did so and asked about the letter and assistant registrar reply was “as per university policies you have to pay 11000 rupees to university and only after this your final viva voice date could decide.” What can he do in this situation, there was no way therefore he paid that 11000 fee in DD form in the examination section of the university in the hope to fix the final viva voice date as soon as possible.

About two months passed and there was no information from the university and department regarding the final date of viva voice. So he writes email to that mysterious lady professor to decide final viva voice and she replied to wait for his guide reply. Finally the date of final submission was out after so many ups and down email conversions and the date was 23 March 2019 after completing the Pre-submission on 30 October 2018. So he prepared for the final viva voice as per given date and meet to his guide before 4 days before the final viva voice to shows the PPT to his guide and his guide suggested some edit in the ppt and finally the gave the final presentation. At the last the external examiner shows his work and congratulated him with shaking hands.

On the day of final submission; submission was done successfully and it was the time to meet up with department’s professors personally to take future advices. Firstly, he took suggestions from his guide while walking conversations and his guide instructed to do your best and if you need my help inform me. Secondly, he mate to that mysterious lady professor while she was in her room number 207; he asked her for future guidance and she said you could did any government job preparation till now; he said till now he forgot many things so it is better to do teaching job and that mysterious lady professor said it very hard for you to get you job here in this city, if you could search; find some college in your home town or in nearby city, meanwhile a second lady professor form the department was passing in front of room number 207 and said to him meet to me before leaving the department; therefore the conversation with that mysterious lady professor over and he went to meet second lady professor in her cabin. After entering into her room she said you were a good student of the batch and said keep yourself busy. After this he left the department and went to home town. It was the time to wait for the result preparation and after one month on 9 April 2019 his final result was declared with 59.727272 % of marks and it was again disappointing scene for him because he never got a second class in grad in his previous records. Hence his post-graduation was over in four years; in not lesser than a Ph.D. degree time duration.

One day he was analyzing his four years of his post-graduation and saw all marks sheets of all semesters and finally he got to know something ravish is hidden in these marks sheets and that thing was mysterious numerology. Everything was revolving around number 2 and 7. Let you know from starting; first of all, the student bike number was RJ 20/ SG 7018 (purchased in 2007), from here he came into the focus. Therefore more search was initiated and secondly he was having his GATE score 279. After this deep search was done than got to know the password he used for ticket booking was 712955 (it was the roll number of coaching institute he attended about 7 years ago). These were the number that having digits 2, 7 and based on these he came into the lucky number consideration unknowingly. Very good, in the second semester the student was failed in the subject that was taught by that mysterious lady professor and lately passed with number 27 by grace. Again in the third semester the serial number of the mark sheet was 0041527 and the total marks obtained was 274. Finally the forth semester overall percentage marks awarded was 59.727272. And the mysterious lady professor having the room 207 and when the student wrote email to HOD regarding letter of late submission of 11000 rupees; HOD sent him to meet Assistant registrar of the university, again the assistant registrar also meet in room number 207 in the university. And after deep search he got to know that the mysterious lady professor Facebook Id also having number 271. Finally; here this story having his and her all 2 and 7 digits and also this story was posted 27-8-2019.

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